Training for Competition? Call Future Physique’s Jeff Mitchell

Are you interested in training for competition? I do all aspects of fitness and training. The thing that sets me aside from some of the bigger names in Columbus for competition training are More personalized one on one time versus you being in a larger group setting. I can spend good time teaching you proper training methods to achieve the look and results you’re going for. I do all of the posing practice, dietary portions of the training that you would need to follow. All of my training methods are based on facts! We look at your body from a judges perspective on shape,muscularity, proportion and then obviously conditioning which is more of the diet and cardio. From your body analysis I also look at your muscular percentage which will help determine your ratios of macro and micro nutrients. I help you also choose the show that will suit you best if this is your first one. In addition I will also accompany you to the show to help with proper pre-competition Preparation. You will find that the day of can be confusing and hectic and I feel me being present for my clients during that time is a great part of what I do so that you feel as comfortable and as prepared as you can. That is something you won’t get as much with other trainers. I base everything on facts and make sure you’re getting exactly what you need out of the training. I do not believe in designing or using “cookie-cutter”types of workouts or diets I take in consideration each person as an individual and what would work best for your body. It is a great learning experience and you will learn a lot about your self throughout the process. However I do have group rates that can apply to Small group If that is something that interests you. I have helped many people with archiving great fitness goals and created many first place winners, a few who are currently at pro status or overall winners. I would Love to answer any more of your questions you can call me at 614-634-3328. The next step I would like to take is setting up a free consultation at my training facility off sawmill Road. If you would like to do so call me and let’s set an appointment time! There are many avenues we can take to get you started, so meeting for a consultation would be the best way to do that if we decide to move forward.
Thank you,
Jeff Mitchell
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