Text message from a current client that touched my heart

Sounds good. And I will probably end up writing a testimonial for you to put on your page because, not to get too sentimental, but you seriously have changed my life. After being thicker my whole life and having surgery and having a kid, I never thought I could ever look and feel like this. Is been able to play with my son more and actually pick him up and carry home without back pain, I can actually gently put him down to bed without dropping him and waking him up because my back and arms are strong enough to hold him. I’m even better at softball which I didn’t even know could happen because I was already so awesome! 😉 lol. And I’ve had so many of my friends and old teammates asking me for workout and diet advice because they see pictures of me in Facebook and are shocked with how I look. I give them your name and tell them to friend you on Facebook, so if you get random friend requests by ppl who know me, that’s why.
Current client


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