~ Maggie D.

I met Jeff when I joined a new gym, he approched me and  asked if he could help to show me how to create a  workout plan and proper methods of training. I had absolutely no intention of working out with a trainer, but through assessment and good reasoning Jeff convinced me that learning proper training techniques  holds the key to  fitness. It may have been the fact that I was getting married in 8 months that pushed me over the edge. Whatever the reason was, it was a great experience. Before working out with Jeff, I was pretty active,I ran a few 1/2 marathons and went to classes at the gym. Working out with Jeff changed my body in a way that other workouts never did. The shape of my legs transformed and I became more tone all over. In addition, Jeff always mixes up the workouts so you never get bored or dread the workout because you don’t know what’s coming. And, for someone who doesn’t love working out, Jeff made it as fun as working out can be. Sadly, I moved to NC about 2 years ago and no longer have Jeff as my trainer. I keep trying to convince him to move or do Skype training! All in all, you will not go wrong with Jeff as your trainer.

Maggie Drodez