~ Elizabeth R.

I lost 72 lbs in 8 months! My husband and I both gained weight when our daughter was born 1.5 years ago, even though I was working out regularly. I started working out with Jeff Mitchell around February 2011, with lots of baby weight left to lose. I lost 72lbs  in 8 months!  With a healthy diet and a methodical increase in strength and endurance. Jeff’s diet plan could not have come at a better time, because it helped cure my baby’s colic. I also used to go to a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly due to my headaches and aches and pains. Now my body is better aligned and my endurance and strength have increased dramatically. I have lost about 24″ from my chest waist and hips and can fit back into my old high school flag corps uniform! As a direct result of working out with Jeff and eating healthier this past year, my husband has also lost over 80 lbs on his program and our daughter eats healthy foods and has incredible strength. His program has changed our entire family’s lives.

Elizabeth R. – Columbus, OH