How to improve running stride and speed

There are strategic ways to improve running time and speed. The first way is to frame by frame break down your stride while running. This will show any weaknesses in your stride/gate that need to be evaluated and fixed. We suggest you consult with a trainer who is capable of doing so. After the evaluation with our clients we adjust certain aspects of the clients stride we see fit. Trunk rotation, hip and knee alignment, and anterior to posterior muscle firing are all areas to explore and understand to improve your running. Most running issues that cause fatigue and soreness on certain joint areas are capable of being addressed thought corrective strength exercises. Figuring out each individuals muscular issues and correcting over time will improve a runners capabilities and improve their distance running as well. Speed is similar but we also look at a clients initial muscular movements from their trunk and lower half to sync their bodies reactions out of the gate, and during the run all the way to the finish line. Using a tredmill with incline capabilities and high speed settings are great tools to use once the muscular issues are addressed. Start your run with moderate jogging and increase your speeds to your max. Run at your max speed for as long as you can. Monitor your heart rate either by using a heart rate monitor or the treadmill heart rate monitor if available. By allowing your heart rate to act as your personal trainer it will tell you when to start and stop running. Set your self a reasonable target maximal heart rate depending on your fitness level. For example a healthy runner who averages a 5 mile an hour speed should max out their speed and set a target heart rate of 170 or 175 bpm. Once you hit fatigue on your maximum speed simply step off to the sides of the treadmill and monitor your heart rate until it bottoms out around 150 or 155 bpm. Resume running at your max speed as soon as you hit your minimal heart rate zone. As your cardiovascular strength and endurance increases the number of seconds between your maximum heart rate and your minimal heart rate will start to fall more rapidly. This is the time to start challenging yourself to increase your speed and or duration at your maximal heart rate. Repeat these steps and you will see success on increases/decreases on your distance/run time. As you become more fit to the flat track drill change it up by adding incline hills to your run. This will decrease speed but increase muscular endurance output. Run strong stay healthy!
Jeff Mitchell
Future physique


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How to improve running stride and speed

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