Breakfast, how important is it and what should I eat?

Most of you will have noticed that breakfast cereals are increasingly marketed as health foods. Take for instance the ‘Special K Challenge.” In this weight loss challenge Special K requires participants to replace meals with Special K cereal or bars. They advise that you eat around six meals a day which are low in calories, i.e. a small bowl of Special K or a bar, with one meal being a cheat meal of your choosing. They promote this plan with a large number of testimonials of primarily women easily fitting into an old pair of jeans.
What they don’t tell you is how nutritionally starved these women are. They have replaced healthy food options with small portions of what are essentially small bowls of sugar. When cereal manufacturers convert grains they grind it so much that it covers an space of up to 10,000 times the surface area of the grain itself. This means that it can now be absorbed just as fast as table sugar. A serving size of Special K for example has 22g of carbs (sugar) that’s more sugar per ounce than Pepsi.
If you have to have cereal make sure it’s organic and that the grains are sprouted and whole. Remember that if they have to fight hard to convince you that they’re product is healthy you can be sure that it isn’t.
Here’s a website with the nutritional information for a variety of cereals.

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