About Us

Future Physique – Personal Fitness and Training. Founder, Jeff D. Mitchell

Our Mission
 With the fast pace of today we build personalized programs that work with your busy lifestyle. We never skip steps to ensure your receiving the best personal training experience your money can buy. We keep the personal in “personal training” as the competition continues to move towards large groups and cutting your workouts in half to maximize their profit. We believe in keeping your programs focused on your fitness needs and goals. By keeping it personal or very small group training we can help each client develop the proper form for what he or she may need as individuals. After all being healthy is what we want for all of our clients and to remain injury free. Work with qualified trainers and avoid the “weekend certified” gym hustlers. We want the best for our clients and to give them what they deserve from us as professionals. Let’s move your physique in the right direction together for a healthier lifestyle you can be proud of.
 Areas of Expertise
  • Weight loss Specialist
  • Sports nutrition/sports specific training
  • functional training
  • bodybuilding/natural muscular development
  • corrective exercise to improve joints and mobility

We Offer 

  • Personal Training (Including Young Athletes, Childbearing Women, Geriatrics, Musculoskeletal Disorders/Injuries)
  • Small Group Training(3-4 Clients Max)
  • Event Periodization Programs For Competition/Wedding
  • (Meal Planning Prep,Trainging Plans~ For A Timeline)
  • Outdoor and Indoor Bootcamps