About Us

523763_3165346700653_115495969_nFuture Physique – Personal Fitness and Training. Founder, Jeff D. Mitchell-

We are true Professionals in building training programs. Never do we skip the necessary steps that are critical to each one of our client’s specific needs. Experienced in training  the most elite athlete or the client with determined weight loss goals! Steps made simple with pure guidance in all aspects of fitness! We know what it takes to make your health and fitness experience move your mind and body into the right direction.

Areas of Expertise

  • Weight loss Specialist
  • Sports nutrition/sports specific training
  • functional training
  • bodybuilding/natural muscular development
  • corrective exercise

We Offer 

  • Personal Training (including adolescents, childbearing women, geriatrics, obese, and musculoskeletal disorders or injuries)
  • Group Training
  • Event Periodization Programs for weddings/reunions
  • Outdoor Recreational Bootcamps
  • EXCLUSIVE TO US Wakeopolis land and water Bootcamps